6 Ways to Celebrate Women’s Equality Day in the Office

On Women’s Equality Day, August 26, we celebrate the equality of women while recognizing that there are still many hurdles to face. To empower women in your office, celebrate the day with these activities.

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By the Offsyte Team, August 26, 2022

On Women’s Equality Day, August 26, we celebrate the anniversary of women’s right to vote. Although the 19th amendment, which officially gave women the right to cast their own ballot, was passed on August 18, the amendment wasn’t officially approved until August 26, 1920.

How can you celebrate Women’s Equality Day at work?

  1. Host a team-building event with an emphasis on female-led activities
  2. Provide resources for women to thrive
  3. Highlight women in your workplace
  4. Set up a speaker series
  5. Support women-owned businesses
  6. Review your workplace policies

Host a team-building event with an emphasis on female-led activities

Get the team together for an innovative team building event that’s led by a strong female. Offsyte has many options to choose from. Try a Paint & Sip Party, DIY Hanging Air Plant Pot, or Team Trivia - you can even request trivia questions that focus on Women’s Equality Day.

Provide resources for women to thrive

While women have come a long way since earning the right to vote in 1920, there are still challenges for women in the workforce. To help, offer specialized resources like a mentoring program or a female-led social committee that gives women the chance to network and share advice from each other.

You could also offer virtual classes as support. Classes like Overcoming Imposter Phenomenon, Self-Care Workshop, or Stress Busters in the Workplace, could elevate your entire team.

Highlight women in your workplace

Take some time to highlight hard-working women in your office. You can do an employee spotlight that’s shared in your internal newsletter or on your lobby TVs, for example. Highlight a variety of women, from those in leadership to recently-hired interns.

Set up a speaker series

Throughout the month of August or September, bring in a few speakers who can talk about female empowerment, career growth, or finding a work-life balance. When the USDA hosted a conference, they invited Selena Rezvani, a leader and author, to speak to employees about gender biases at work.

Need some help finding a speaker? Consider hosting a virtual class, Building Confidence, led by Silicon Valley phycologist Katy, who is the author of 'The Psychology of Silicon Valley".

Support women-owned businesses

Find a way to support a woman-owned business. Maybe there’s a woman-owned coffee shop near your company or a restaurant. You could give your team gift cards for a cup of coffee or have a catered lunch. Be sure to explain the reason for the gift or the meal.

Review your workplace policies

While it might not be a glitzy event, one of the best ways to celebrate women is to make efforts to improve equality in your workplace. Set up a committee that’s tasked with reviewing company policies and the employee handbook to look for imbalances. Suggest improvements that provide a more equitable workplace.

To celebrate Women’s Equality Day, consider giving one of these ideas a try. If you’d like to explore more ideas, browse Offsyte’s list of events that are specifically curated for the day.

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