5 Easy Virtual Team Dinner Ideas

Get your team together for a fun and engaging virtual team dinner experience.

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By the Offsyte Team, February 14, 2023

Food is a great connector. Everyone can bond over a good meal and great conversation. However, things get a little difficult when you and your team are spread across the country. Don't let that stop you from hosting a team dinner, Offsyte can help you out. Here are some team dinner ideas that are easy, fun and bound to boost team morale.

Longevity Noodles

Raise your hand if you like pasta. If you didn't raise your hand, you're lying. Longevity Noodles is the perfect virtual team dinner idea for pasta enthusiasts. During this event, you and your team will be guided by a team of chefs with experience in Michelin-star restaurants. They'll teach you how to prepare a simple, delicious bowl of stir fry noodles. The hosts will share tips and tricks for preparing the meal while also keeping the conversation light and fun. The kit for this event includes two servings each, so you get the added bonus of enjoying some noodles at a later time.

Pizza Making with a Pizzaiolo

Speaking of highly popular foods, Offsyte's Pizza Making with a Pizzaiolo is bound to be a hit. A pizzaiolo is a pizza-maker, for those who don't know the lingo. During this activity, your team will be treated to a pizza-making kit with ingredients sourced from Italy. Hey, if you're going to make good pizza, you need good ingredients. With Pizza Making, you and your team will learn how to make the best types of pizza: Neapolitan and New York style. Each kit comes with enough items to make four small pizzas, so you can even freestyle a bit.

Authentic Spanish Paella

Thinking your next virtual team dinner should be something a bit more outside the box? Try our Authentic Spanish Paella event. During this 60-minute activity, you and your team will enjoy a step-by-step cooking demonstration. You'll learn how to use the kit's ingredients — like saffron, chorizo, and rice — to create a paella that is perfectly balanced. You'll learn the cultural significance of paella and the paella pan. And of course, you'll be taught how to craft the most delicious, mouth-watering paella possible.

Broiled Fish Tacos and Mexican-Style Rice

Make your next team dinner a taco Tuesday (even if it's not Tuesday) with our Broiled Fish Taco and Mexican-Style Rice activity. During this event, you and your team will learn how to make fish tacos and Mexican-style rice from a team of professional chefs. What we love about this activity is that while one chef cooks, the other is there to keep the conversation engaging and fun. If you have team members with dietary restrictions, you can still book this event. The hosts offer kits with ingredients for vegans, vegetarians and anyone with a gluten-free or dairy-free diet.

Gyoza Workshop

Make your own gyozas with the Gyoza Workshop. With this activity, you'll learn everything there is to know about gyoza dumplings. Your kit will include pork or vegetarian filling and enough dough to make about 15 dumplings. During the event, the hosts will guide you through gyoza preparation and cooking. Have a loved one who wants their own gyozas? You're in luck — there is an option to order extra gyozas. And if you're hoping to add drinks, there is an event that comes with sake too.

More to Know About Virtual Team Dinner Ideas

Some common questions people have about virtual team dinners.

How can you plan a virtual team dinner?

A virtual team dinner can be done in basically two different ways. You can do it yourself — make sure everyone has the ingredients and cook together on Zoom — or you can sign up for one of Offsyte’s cooking events.

How do you make a virtual team dinner fun?

You can make a virtual team dinner fun by keeping it casual. Food is a great way to bond with others, so just keep it low-stress and the rest will take care of itself.

What should you serve at a virtual team dinner?

When dealing with food, the first thing you want to check on is allergies and dietary restrictions. After that, ask everyone what they enjoy. While not everyone likes the same things, you'll likely find a few good options for your dinner.

Get Started!

If you're ready to enjoy a fun, relaxing virtual team dinner, check out Offsyte's cooking activities. Book one of our cooking events today.

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