FAQs About Hosting a Virtual Wine Tasting Party

Used as a team-building event, a virtual wine tasting party brings employees together, creates a sense of community, and encourages communication. Learn more about these events by reading through these FAQs.

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By the Offsyte Team, April 12, 2022

Virtual wine tasting became a hit during the pandemic, but a growing number of businesses are adopting the event for the office. Used as a team-building event, a virtual wine tasting party brings employees together, creates a sense of community, and encourages communication.

Interested in hosting one? Here are five frequently asked questions and answers about these online events:

How does a virtual wine tasting work in the office?

Rather than organizing the event yourself, you can choose a virtual wine tasting event offered on Offsyte. You can choose from these great options:

When you work with Offsyte, all of the details are handled for you. You simply set the date and time, and a wine expert leads the class via Zoom. Boxes containing sample wines are sent to the office ahead of time. All you need to do is gather the team in a conference room, launch Zoom, and distribute the wine boxes. The wine aficionado will take it from there.

Is your team working remotely? No problem. Offsyte will ship wine boxes to home addresses and email a Zoom link to each employee. When it’s time for the event, employees can crack open their boxes and join the virtual party from their home office.

What are the benefits of a virtual wine tasting party?

A virtual wine tasting party can serve as a team-building event for your employees. More specifically it can:

Create a sense of community

During the party, everyone is there to have fun. There are no deadlines to discuss, no files to share, and no customers to please. It’s all about stepping away from work and enjoying each other’s company in a low-pressure situation.

As people participate, they get to know one another. While that might seem insignificant, it helps employees feel more connected and creates a sense of community within the workplace.

Remove hierarchical barriers

The low-key atmosphere gives employees a chance to interact with supervisors in a relatable, personable way. While sipping white wine from Napa, a natural conversation can flow between people at all job levels. These conversations can knock down barriers that keep employees from reaching out to a supervisor and vice versa.

After the event, an employee might feel comfortable enough to pitch a new idea to a supervisor or talk about a solution to a problem plaguing their team.

Improve morale

Morale has taken a hit over the last few years in companies across the globe. Fueled by the stress of the pandemic, less than half (48%) of the workforce feels happy at work. By hosting events like a virtual wine tasting, you can bring employees together to improve employee sentiment and give morale the boost it needs.

How many people can attend a virtual wine tasting party?

There are tasting parties to suit every office size on Offsyte. Some of the parties can accommodate up to 100 people, like Around the World in 80 Minutes Wine Tasting, while parties like Virtual Napa Valley Food + Wine Tasting can handle up to 500 guests.

What do you need to bring to the party?

If you select a wine tasting event through Offsyte, you should bring wine glasses. You can buy some and keep them on hand at the office, ask employees to bring their own, or opt for affordably chic plastic wine glasses.

Some of the classes pre-ship bottles of wine, so it’s a good idea to bring a few corkscrews too.

How long is a virtual wine tasting party?

Parties typically last about an hour, although there are a few that last a bit longer. You might consider extending the virtual event by encouraging a little mingling after the wine tasting part and extending the event’s length.

So, are you ready to book a wine tasting? Review the Food and Drink events available through Offsyte.

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