5 Fun and Interactive Zoom Team Building Activities

Make your next Zoom team-building event memorable with these activities.

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By the Offsyte Team, February 7, 2023

Team building events are a vital part of the workplace because they build trust between coworkers. When coworkers trust each other, they are happier, communicate more freely and help each other achieve common goals. You can organize team-building events from the comfort of your own home using Zoom. Check out these fun Zoom team-building activities that are guaranteed to strengthen your team's bond.  

Hot Sauce Making

Spice things up (literally) with a Mexican-style hot sauce-making class. During this Zoom team event, you and your colleagues will learn how to make two hot sauces: Smoked Jalapeño and Ginger Mango Costeño. Nothing brings people together like food, right? While making the sauces, your team will learn the history of Mexican chili peppers and other fun facts about hot sauces. This event comes with a kit that can be shipped anywhere across the world. Inside the box, your team will find all the ingredients needed to make the two hot sauces. There's also a variation of this team-building event that comes with cinnamon whiskey or spiked hot chocolate.

Hypnosis Adventures

For your next Zoom team-building event, freak everyone out with Offsyte's Hypnosis Adventures activity. This event is hosted by Master Hypnotist and storyteller Jason Akel. Your team will be guided through either a series of adventures or some exercises in pure relaxation. Akel will use his skills to inspire, wow and motivate you and your team. Your team will also learn how and why hypnosis works. For a real Zoom team building treat, you can opt for the package that includes Akel teaching your team how to do self-hypnosis.

Turkish Coffee Making

Pretty much everyone loves coffee, but what do you know about Turkish coffee? Try our Turkish Coffee Making class and educate yourself. You'll learn the traditional methods and techniques used for crafting the delicious beverage. The Turkish Coffee Making class is perfect for putting an interesting spin on coffee tasting. During the event, your team will hear about the history and cultural significance of Turkish coffee, how to properly prepare the beverage with a traditional cezve (copper pot), and much more. This Zoom team-building event will educate and caffeinate you. What's not to love?

Team Drawing

Get your coworkers' creative juices flowing with Drawing Your Team Together. This is a fun, expressive Zoom team-building activity that everyone will enjoy. Prior to the event, the host will contact you about the topics you'd like to cover and the questions they'll ask during the class. You can keep it light, get serious, or anywhere in between. During the event, your team will be asked to draw pictures that answer the host's questions. Each drawing will be used as a way to dig deeper into the questions and topics. The best part about the activity is that it's specifically designed for beginners. No one should worry about being Picasso.

Cocktails and Murder

Cocktails and murder go together, right? Well, not usually. But if you're looking for a Zoom team event that is all about fun, we suggest you combine them in our Cocktail Murder Mystery Game. During this event, your team will interact with five Zoom hosts, each of who could have committed a murder during a cocktail party. You'll solve puzzles, decode clues and question suspects. If you opt for the option with a kit, your team will get a slew of party supplies and some documents that can help solve puzzles quicker.

More to Know About Zoom Team Building Events

Some common questions people have about Zoom team building events.

How can you do team-building activities on Zoom?

You probably guessed we were going to say this, but you can do a team-building event on Zoom via Offsyte. Check out all of our offerings, sign up and let the building begin.

How do you use Zoom for team-building activities?

You can use Zoom for team building by booking a pre-made activity or simply hosting a get-together. The important thing is that you spend quality time with your team, as that will strengthen your bond.

Can you do group activities on Zoom?

Zoom is a great platform for group activities. Almost every in-person group activity can be done on Zoom. Sometimes you just have to get a little creative.

Get Started!

Ready for a Zoom team-building event? Check out Offsyte today and book one of our activities. Trust us, your team will thank you later.

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