6 Fun Employee Engagement Activities To Try In The Office

Disengaged employees can cost your company big bucks. To prevent that from happening, here are six employee engagement fun activities in office to try.

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By the Offsyte Team, June 22, 2022

How much do you invest in employee engagement? Disengaged employees cost U.S. companies between $450-500 billion each year. These sleepwalking employees put in little effort, negatively impact your brand, and ultimately need to be replaced - all of which affects your bottom line.

It’s more cost effective to invest in employee engagement. To help, here are six employee engagement fun activities in office to try.

Host exercise classes

Show your employees that you’re committed to their well-being with regular exercise classes. Host a morning yoga class to get everyone off to a great start or launch an after-work running club, where employees track their miles and encourage each other to stay fit.

If you don’t have a resident fitness enthusiast, you can always try virtual classes from Offsyte like Hiit Yoga Fit Flow where the instructor leads that class via Zoom.

You can also try Relax and Recharge with Yoga, which is offered virtually or as an in-person class in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A fitness instructor can also travel to your San Francisco office to lead a class like In-Studio Fitness/Yoga Class.

Set a regular happy hour night

On the first Friday of every month, get the team together for happy hour. You can pick a local spot to meet at or you could host an in-office event. You can do a theme night with tacos and margaritas or pizza and beer.

If planning and prepping isn’t your strong suit, try hassle-free happy hours like Happy Hour Paint and Sip or Happy Hour Cocktail and Dish. Each employee receives a pre-shipped box of materials for the event, which is led by a coordinator via Zoom. Non-alcoholic options are available.

For those with an office in the San Francisco Bay Area, try this In-Person Mixology Class.

Make a meal together

Get the crew together to make lunch or an after-work snack. Pick up the ingredients for personal pizzas or a create-your-own-sub event. Of course, you should do what makes sense for your office. If you lack an oven, pick a cold meal. If you’re short on space, schedule small groups at different times.

Aren’t sure how to pull it all together? Virtual classes like Hack Your Snacks or Authentic Italian Cannoli Making are always an option.

Want to get out of the office for a bit? Try the Moroccan Tagine Cooking + Private Dining experience in Berkeley, CA. It’s a 2.5-hour event with chef-made apps and an interactive class on cooking in a traditional tagine pot.

Chocolate Making and Wine Tasting in North Beach is another great choice for Bay Area employees.

Try a scavenger hunt

To promote team-building with a dash of exercise, try a scavenger hunt. Mission Mural Scavenger Hunt takes your employees on an urban scavenger hunt through San Fran’s Mission District while The Great SOMA Scavenger Hunt has clues hidden all over the San Francisco area.

Get artsy

Give your team a chance to get in touch with their artsy side. You can create a DIY craft project like making a tote bag, pouring a candle, or tie-dying t-shirts. With a quick stop to a local craft store, you’ll have everything you need.

You can also make Chunky Knit Pillows or offer a Virtual Card Making Class via Offsyte.

Get your trivia on

Trivia is a good way to build communication and teamwork in the office. Break employees into teams, create several different rounds of play, and you'll have a competitive game for everyone to enjoy. Have the CEO or supervisors ask the questions.

You can pull trivia questions from a board game at home, look some up online, or sign up for Team Trivia: Get to Know Your Team for an instant team building event.

By making efforts to build an engaged workforce, you’ll see benefits in the office. Take some time to review these ideas and schedule employee engagement fun activities in office.

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