Fun Team Meeting Ideas That Will Break the Ice

Kick off your remote meetings with some fun and interactive activities.

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By the Offsyte Team, January 27, 2023

Meetings, especially over Zoom, can be a drag. Instead of doing the same thing each meeting, it's time to spice things up. You can start your next virtual meeting with something fun, then get to the agenda after everyone has a chance to relax and share some laughs. Here are some fun team meeting ideas that your remote team can do from wherever they call home.

TV Game Show-down

Everyone loves game shows, so why not start your next meeting with TV Game Show-down? During this activity, your colleagues will go head-to-head with each other in game-show-inspired competitions. TV Game Show-down is jam-packed with content inspired by three of the most popular game shows ever: Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and Family Feud. The topics covered are diverse, so there's something for everyone. Question categories include pop culture, sports, travel, movies, general knowledge, wordplay and much more. TV Game Show-down can be short (30 minutes) or long (an hour), depending on what you need.

Cold Brew Tasting Class

Give your remote team a boost of energy with Offsyte's Cold Brew Tasting Class. This is a 30-minute activity, making it an ideal way to kick off a morning meeting. You could even set this up for the afternoon when everyone is feeling that post-lunch slowdown. Before the activity, each of your team members will be sent a kit. Inside the kit, they'll find three small cold brew blends, a flavor wheel, a tasting form, some coffee information postcards and an extra cold brew box to enjoy later. During Cold Brew Tasting Class, the host will guide your team through tasting the three different coffee cold brews. The host will also educate your team on the history of the beans and how the cold brew process works.

Mini-Games Adventure

Some healthy competition is the perfect way to bond your team. Sign up for the Mini-Games Adventure event and get your meeting started right. During this event, your team will try to answer as many questions as possible, as fast as possible. The games include a strategic guessing game, a word puzzler and an internet scavenger hunt. If you sign up for Mini-Games Adventure during February, you get the added bonus of all the games being Black History Month-focused.

Interactive Icebreakers

Looking for a fun way to start a virtual meeting and get to know your team better? Your search should end at Interactive Icebreakers. During this event, the host will split your colleagues into teams and ask a series of fun, unique icebreaker questions. Each one is designed to get your team talking and laughing. Once each group has finished their icebreaker session, everyone comes back to discuss all the interesting things that they discovered. What makes this remote team-building activity so great is its effectiveness — more than 95% of players say they feel more connected to their colleagues after the event.

More to Know About Fun Team Meeting Ideas That Will Break the Ice

Some common questions people have about fun ways to start virtual meetings.

What are some fun ways to start a Zoom meeting?

The most fun way to start a Zoom meeting is an activity that relaxes your team. Anything to get them talking and laughing, like short virtual trivia games or fun icebreakers.

How do you make remote meetings fun?

You can make an online meeting fun by focusing on team building. Get to know your team in ways that don't have anything to do with work.

What games can you play in a virtual team meeting?

There are a wide variety of games you can play in a virtual team meeting. Look into Offsyte's virtual team events; we have something for everyone.

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