Bring your Team Together with These Fun Virtual Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Ready, set, go. Get your team ready for some fun with these virtual scavenger hunt games.

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By the Offsyte Team, January 13, 2023

A virtual scavenger hunt is a great way to boost team morale and bond with your colleagues. It's pure fun and everyone can do it.  And you don't need to be in the same place to do a scavenger hunt. There are plenty of virtual scavenger hunts to be had. Everyone on your team can find the items right from their office chair. Here are some of the best virtual scavenger hunts for you and your team.

Battle of The Brains

Battle of The Brains is a virtual trivia game first, and a scavenger hunt second. But that's what makes it so fun. The host of Battle of The Brains will quiz your team with questions from categories like Around the World in Foody Days, The Plot Thickens and Do you know Bill Nye? The game also features a lighting scavenger hunt that will definitely shake things up. This activity is for 10 to 200 people, so it matches almost any size team. There is a 30-minute version and a 45-minute version.

The Great Zoom Game Show

The Great Zoom Game Show gets its name because it features a little bit of everything, from icebreakers to scavenger hunts. Each game is designed to strengthen the bond between your team members. The hosts will guide your team through fun, creative challenges including Tallest Tower, Team Pose and Zoom Scavenger Hunt. If you're looking for a scavenger hunt during the holidays, you're in luck — there is a holiday-themed version of The Great Zoom Game Show available.

Photo Hunt

Photo Hunt is an easy scavenger hunt to set up and it's plenty of fun. Prior to your meeting, come up with a list of categories that your team will need to find in their phones' photo albums. For example, they could find a picture at a wedding, a picture of their pet, a picture of themselves in pajamas, etc. Once you have your categories set, ask your team to locate them all. The team member who finds the most photos in the allotted time wins.

Virtual Paint Party

Another mashup game worth trying is Virtual Paint Party. This team-building activity comes with a kit that includes a table easel, two brushes, a canvas, several paints and a palette. The host of Virtual Paint Party will guide your team through the painting process while also incorporating icebreakers and a scavenger hunt. There are a few options for Virtual Paint Party, so you can customize it to fit your team. There's even a version with BYO supplies if you happen to have a particularly artsy group.

Beyond Beverly: A Paranormal Mystery

This game combines a murder mystery and a scavenger hunt into one great team-building event. During Beyond Beverly, your team will attempt to figure out what happened to Beverly Lillz. She disappeared weeks ago, but continues to give clues from beyond the grave. Or maybe not. Maybe… She's still alive and disappeared for a reason. Either way, your team will love figuring out this mystery. Beyond Beverly can be played with as little as four people, making this a good scavenger hunt for small groups.

More to Know About Virtual Scavenger Hunt Games

Some common questions people have about virtual scavenger hunts.

What are scavenger hunt games?

Virtual scavenger hunts are games in which players must find as many objects as possible as quickly as they can. These games are great for remote teams because the items they'll be asked to find will be nearby.

How do I create an online scavenger hunt?

The best way to create an online scavenger hunt is to be creative. Come up with a list of items your team will need to find that are easily accessible, but also interesting. The more unique hunt you come up with, the more fun everyone will have.

How do you do a scavenger hunt virtually?

You can guide your team through a virtual scavenger hunt yourself, but a better idea might be to opt for a ready-made hunt. Check out Offsyte's scavenger hunts for games that are bound to be tons of fun.

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