Unplug from Work with These Fun Virtual Wine Tasting Events

If you're looking to escape from work with a fun team activity, check out Offsyte's virtual wine-tasting events.

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By the Offsyte Team, January 13, 2023

Virtual wine-tasting events are a great team bonding activity. Everyone can relax, unwind and share some laughs. And the best part? You don't have to be in Napa to enjoy one. In fact, the beauty of remote wine tastings is that every team member can be in the comfort of their own home while sipping on exquisite wines. Let's take a look at some of the best remote wine-tasting activities for you and your team.

Three's Company Wine Tasting

Introduce your team to J. Cage Cellars with the Three's Company Wine Tasting package. During this activity, your team will meet and interact with J. Cage Cellars proprietors Roger and Donna Beery. They will guide you through tasting three of their award-winning wines that are only available via a mailing list or the winery itself. The Beery's will keep this event informative, but also fun.

Black-Owned Wineries Event

The world of wine is overwhelmingly white. In one study of more than 3,000 wine industry professionals, 84 percent identified as white, while just two percent identified as Black or African. You can help expand your team's view of wineries with Offsyte's Black-Owned Wineries activity. During this tasting, your team will sample two or three bottles from Black-owned wineries. Your team will learn about the wines, but also about the owners and their journey. This wine-tasting event is the perfect example of how a virtual team-building event can be educational, inspiring and fun.

Small-Batch Canned Wine Tasting

Yes, wine in a can is a thing. And it's a good thing. It's time to make sure your team knows it. Choose the Small-Batch Premium Canned Wine Tasting event and learn about the best-canned wines available. Your team will taste three unique, vegan-friendly canned wines during the event. We suggest taking a survey of how many of your team think canned wine is good prior to the tasting. Then you can recall these results after the event and feel quite smug about the changed minds.

Cheese and Wine Tasting

What's better than wine? Wine paired with cheese. The Wine and Cheese Tasting package offers several wines and cheeses for your team to enjoy. The host will provide a step-by-step guide to tasting wines along with how to properly pair wine and cheese. Yes, good wine goes with good cheese; but there's an art to it. Your team will love learning the process.

Wine Tasting and Charcuterie

You don't have to know how to properly pronounce charcuterie — or spell it correctly — to enjoy the Wine and Charcuterie Wine Tasting class. This event is hosted by a certified sommelier and charcuterie expert. During the program, your team will learn how to create a perfect charcuterie board and how to pair wines with it. And yes, afterward, if you still want to call a charcuterie board a "meat plate," you can.

More to Know About Online Wine Tasting Events

Here are some common questions people have about virtual wine-tasting events.

How does a virtual wine-tasting work?

A virtual wine tasting is the same as an in-person tasting. The only difference is you'll be doing your tasting over Zoom. During the event, an expert will show you how to properly taste, smell and view wine.

How do I host a virtual wine-tasting event?

Much like hosting any video conferencing call, hosting a virtual wine-tasting event is quite easy. However, if you want your team to have a truly unique experience, you should sign up for a class hosted by an expert.

What are the best virtual wine-tasting events?

The best virtual wine-tasting events are educational and fun. You don't want the tasting to be too stale, as the goal is to help your team bond with each other.

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