10 Funny Team Names for Remote Workers

Consider these funny team names next time you host a virtual game.

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By the Offsyte Team, December 23, 2022

Remote working can be challenging. You don't see your coworkers in person, so there's no water cooler conversation about the latest binge-worthy show. Zoom meetings are great, but it's much better to meet in person. The list can go on and on.

If you're feeling the remote-worker blues, a great way to lighten things up is through a team-bonding game. And when you play these Zoom games, you're going to need a good team name. That's why we've created this list. Take a look. Hopefully one of these funny team names will inspire you. If not, feel free to just use one of them. We won't tell anyone.

Mustache Mafia

If someone on your team has a beard, ride with it. If no one has a mustache, get fake ones and you're good to go.

Smells Like Team Spirit

Sometimes team names just write themselves. With this name, you can honor one of the most iconic bands in American music history and highlight your team's bond.

Find us on Slack

Chances are if you're a remote worker, you spend just as much time on Slack as you do on Zoom. Use this team name to show off your skills.

Temple of Zoom

Harrison Ford would be proud of this team name. Has he ever used Zoom? Unlikely.

Technically Here

Match your enthusiasm for early morning meetings with this team name.

We Reply All

Reply all events are the worst, so use this team name as a threat to opposing team members.

Touching Base

Here's a team name with a nod to a phrase you've likely heard way too many times.

Working from Home

A team name that captures the work-from-home lifestyle.

Definitely Not Googling

For team-building games focused on trivia, try this team name. No one is Googling. You swear.

We Miss the Water Cooler

With a remote team, there's no chance for a good water cooler conversation. Let everyone know your feelings on the matter.

More to Know About Team Names for Work

Here are some common questions people have about team names for remote workers.

How do you pick a fun team name?

It's easy to pick a fun team name. Have everyone throw out some ideas and see which one makes your team laugh or smile.

What is the best team name?

The best team name is one that your colleagues like. It doesn't have to be anything spectacular. Just one that seems right.

What are some examples of funny team names?

Funny team names can be anything, from a pop culture reference to a nod to work culture. Puns are always a good go-to.

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