The Complete Guide to Remote Team Building Activities

A good team-building activity gets everyone talking. Check out Offsyte's guide to find the best team-building exercise.

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By the Offsyte Team, December 23, 2022

Team-building activities are vital to any workplace, especially one that has remote workers. It can be hard for people who never step foot into an office to feel connected to their team or company overall. If you've been on the lookout for ways to bond your remote workers, you've come to the right place. Below is everything you need to put together the best team-building activities for work.

Crafty Team Building Activities

DIY Closed Terrarium

Have your team create their own land in a tiny jar with the DIY Closed Terrarium class. During this team-building activity, your team will learn how to make a plant thrive and discuss the philosophies behind what makes systems self-sustainable.

Virtual Paint Party

Channel your inner Vincent van Gogh with a Virtual Paint Party. Our class sets you up with all the supplies you need, including live guidance from an expert artist. There's even an icebreaker option if you want to take this team-building exercise to the next level.

Chunky Knit Pillows

If anyone on your team has ever mentioned wanting to learn to knit, time to book the Chunky Knit Pillow class. During this team bonding activity, your team will learn how to knit a chunky pillow. They'll also get wine to sip as they design their cozy creation.

Fun Team Building Activities

Zoom Karaoke

No one likes karaoke until they actually start singing. The nerves fade away and the fun kicks in. Hosting a Zoom karaoke party will help bond your remote workers, because everyone is doing something ridiculous.

Comedy and Magic Show

Bring a comedian and magician to your Zoom meeting and your team is sure to have a good time. During this team-building activity, your staff will interact with the host as he performs tricks and drops jokes.

Inner Animal

Bond your team with a dive into their inner animals. The Inner Animal activity is hosted by an animal expert and comedian. During the activity, your team will discuss their inner animal and the host will then create a presentation about what that specific animal says about the team member.

Wellness Team Building Activities

Virtual Yoga

Your team can bond in ways that don't have to involve crafts or kits. Book the Relax and Recharge with Yoga class and watch as your team learns to feel more spacious and comfortable in their bodies through stretching and movement.

The Compliment Circle

One way to help your team to feel more connected to each other is through the Compliment Circle. There is something healing and fulfilling about hearing that you've done something positive. As the name suggests, during the Compliment Circle, you simply go around and have each worker give another worker a compliment. You can suggest work-specific praise or just keep it open-ended.

Energy Cleansing

This might seem a little outside-the-box, but if you're looking for a soothing team-building activity, try our Energy Cleansing class. Calm your team's spirits with guided manifestation practices, an introduction to smudging and a candle meditation exercise.

Cooking Team Building Activities

Lumpia making

During our Lumpia-making team-building activity, your team will learn how to make delicious Filipino spring rolls. Lumpia are spring rolls known for their thin wrappers and savory or sweet fillings. During this class, your team will learn how to make a savory version and then get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Ramen and Sake Tasting

Now that the weather has turned colder, what better team bonding activity than making some steaming ramen? During this class, your team will learn how to make ramen and then taste four different sakes.

Chocolate Candy Making

Everyone loves chocolate, so have some fun with your remote team by making some peanut butter cups, caramel pecan turtles and almond bear paws.

More to Know About Team Building Activities for Work

Here are some common questions people have about remote team-building activities.

What are team-building activities?

Team building activities are games or classes that bond your coworkers.

What is a good virtual team-building activity?

A good virtual team-building activity is one that gets everyone talking. The more discussion, the better. You want your team to feel connected to each other, so anything involving cooperation, laughter and interaction is the way to go.

What are the best team-building activities for work?

The best team-building activities for work don't necessarily have to be all about the job. Your main focus should be bringing people together, so don't be afraid to host a team-building class that is 100% fun.

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