7 Hispanic Heritage Month Activities To Celebrate in Your Office

Need some Hispanic Heritage Month activities for your office? Look no further. We have seven suggestions to celebrate with your employees.

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By the Offsyte Team, September 2, 2022

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate Hispanic Americans and their contributions to society. President Ronald Reagan signed the law establishing Hispanic Heritage Month, which begins on September 15 and runs through October 15, in the late 80s.

During this time, your office can celebrate diversity while learning about Hispanic culture in a relaxed atmosphere. How? We’ve got a list of Hispanic Heritage Month activities.

Why is Hispanic Heritage Month celebrated on September 15?

Before exploring ways to celebrate, you might wonder why Hispanic Heritage Month starts in the middle of the month as opposed to the beginning. On September 15, five Latin American countries (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua) earned their independence from Spain in 1821, which is the reason for the mid-month start date.

7 Ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in your office

  1. Brief your team about Hispanic Heritage Month
  2. Organize a themed trivia night
  3. Play a Hispanic-themed game show
  4. Host a Hispanic-inspired lunch party
  5. Play some Latin music during the day
  6. Get crafty
  7. Watch a short film or documentary on Hispanic Heritage

Brief your team about Hispanic Heritage Month

Take this opportunity to educate your entire team about the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month. It can help your employees value diversity while learning more about the culture and its struggles. You can learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month and share some facts with your team.

Organize a themed trivia event

Get the crew together for an after-hour trivia night that focuses on Hispanic heritage. You can put together your own list of trivia questions and have everyone bring a dish to pass, or you can schedule a virtual trivia night through Offsyte.

Pick a date and time for Team Trivia Mashup, for instance, where the questions are tailored to Hispanic Heritage Month.

Play a Hispanic-themed game show

Gather the team for a fun team-building event, Virtual Game Show Extravaganza. Like the trivia event, this virtual game show adopts different themes, including one that’s focused on Hispanic Heritage.

Described as part Family Feud and part pub trivia, this 1.5 hour event is sure to entertain and educate.

When you’re ready for the event, simply join a Zoom call and you’re ready to go.

Host a Hispanic-inspired lunch party

Pick a Friday afternoon and have everyone bring in a Hispanic-inspired dish to share. With so many wonderful dishes that stem from this vibrant culture, your break room will be full of colorful, tasty treats to try.

If you’d rather make the event a little easier, consider scheduling a virtual cooking class with pre-packaged kits that are sent directly to the office or to remote employees. Your team will receive a box of portioned ingredients to use during the live virtual class - no prep necessary.

Here are two event options - with kits - to explore:

Mexican Tacos: Smoky Chicken Tanga

Broiled Fish Tacos: Mexican Style

Play some Latin music during the day

A simple way to celebrate is to put together a Latin-inspired playlist for the team to listen to while they work. Check out this list of 50 Greatest Latin Songs of All Time for suggestions.

If you want to take this idea a step further, you could play the songs during the lunch hour and host 20-minute games of “Name that Tune”.

Get crafty

Creative Printing Workshop, for example, hosted by Venezulan native LuzMarina, gives participants a chance to create textile art. The same host offers a Paper Lantern-making class too.

Both classes are virtual and include pre-shipped kits with the items each person needs to get crafty.

Watch a short film or documentary on Hispanic Heritage

Hispanic Heritage Month is a great time to watch films with your team on Hispanic culture.

Check out some of the best Hispanic movies according to Women’s Health Magazine: 22 Best Movies Celebrating Latinx And Hispanic Culture To Watch.

With this handy list of Hispanic Heritage Month activities, your office is ready to celebrate. Remember, Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 through October 15, so you can plan an event anytime during those dates.

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