5 Ways To Prevent Employee Burnout in 2022

A growing number of employees feel burned out. Is it happening in your company? Learn the signs to watch for and tips to prevent burnout from taking root in your business.

By the Offsyte Team, March 14, 2022

Company burnout is a real thing and COVID didn’t help. 52% of employees feel burned out, and 63% of those people say the pandemic made it worse, according to a 2021 report from Indeed. Every company should work to prevent burnout on their teams. After all, it’s a slippery slope from a team feeling burned out to dropping morale, productivity, and eventually, sales.

To help, we’ll explore the signs of burnout and give you some tips to prevent it.

Signs of Company Burnout

What does burnout look like? Here are a few physical signs that your staff might exhibit:

  • Decreased interest or effort on a project
  • Irritability or curt reactions to simple requests
  • Increased “alone time” or excuses to avoid team chats
  • Frustrated reactions to additional assignments
  • Sluggish work ethic or productivity slumps

Employees who feel stressed or overwhelmed may show these symptoms too. So, how do you tell the difference between stress and burnout?

Stress tends to come and go. An employee might feel stressed before a big project is due or leading up to an evaluation. After the deadline or meeting passes, stress reduces.

Burnout is more persistent. It sticks around. Employees start to disengage, lose motivation, and act glum at work. Burnout is emotionally contagious too. Research shows people who exhibit burnout symptoms can “infect” others.

All the more reason to quickly address burnout when it arises, or better yet, prevent it!

5 Ways To Prevent Burnout

To keep burnout from seeping into your workplace, consider implementing these long-term strategies:

Introduce walking meetings

Rather than hosting meetings (and especially 1:1 chats) in a stagnant conference room, try walking meetings. Conduct a meeting while walking around the building or down the street. These meetings should still have an agenda and be productive, they’re just held outside while getting a little exercise. If you are working from home, try taking a walk outside during 1:1 phone calls.

To maximize these in-motion meetings, managers might benefit from classes that promote healthy work relationships, like Listening and Leadership or Mindful Management.

Encourage a healthy work-life balance

Employees work best when they have a solid balance between work and life. As a company, you can encourage this balance by offering a flexible work schedule, letting employees take the time needed for medical appointments or their child’s school recital without repercussions, and closing down early on holidays.

At Offsyte, we have also implemented regular company "recharge days" to encourage people to take a break and invest in mental & physical health.

Evaluate workloads regularly

One of the leading causes of burnout is a heavy workload. When employees feel like they’re drowning in work, it causes stress, and eventually, burnout. For that reason, check in with your team and ask them about their workload.

Review your assignment process to make sure work is divided evenly and consider using project management software to see how much work is on each person’s plate.

Offer stress-relieving outlets

Even with workload checks in place, work can get overwhelming, so help employees manage stress by offering ways to combat it. The company could offer gym memberships or host exercise classes like Connect Through Yoga or HIIT Yoga Fit Flow. Just reach out to Offsyte to coordinate this virtual team building experience.

Host team building events

Help your employees reconnect by offering a team building event. You don’t even need to leave the office. Offsyte has a variety of virtual team building events like Virtual Wine Tasting, Cooking Class, or a Succulent Planting Workshop that can be quickly coordinated to revive your team spirit.

Burnout can have a strong impact on your business, so knowing its symptoms and having the tools to combat it is key for any leader. These five prevention tactics are a great way to invest in your employees and stave off burnout.

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