Keeping Good Documentation Is Now Pivotal To Every Remote Teams' Success

Q&A with Hadar Dor, Product Manager at Facebook, on remote working tips and his new role at Facebook.

By the team at Offsyte, August 06, 2020

Earlier this week, we sat down with Hadar Dor, virtually, to hear his tips on remote working and his exciting new role at Facebook.

  1. Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Hadar Dor. I’m currently working as a Product Manager at Facebook focused on keeping the platform safe from harmful content related to elections and COVID-19. Before that I was a Product Manager at several other companies including Lyft, Postmates, and

  1. What are you passionate about?

Always looking to learn more in the realms of economics, philosophy, history, and politics. Always thinking about what more I can do for my community, and what more we can all be doing in the fields of financial inclusion, education, sustainability/energy, housing, and healthcare. Music is also central to my life: I can be frequently found at a concert or playing guitar, drums, or singing.

  1. How did you decide on taking this new role to focus on keeping the Facebook platform safe from harmful content related to elections and COVID-19?

It’s important to me to work on problems that are widespread in society and have a long ways to go to be made better. I think the way we organize civically and how we discuss issues in the public sphere has become quite warped over the past decade or so, and am excited to be a part of building a better internet that keeps people safe and well-informed while protecting freedom of speech.

  1. Can you share one tip that has helped you, or your team, to work more effectively while sheltering at home?

Keeping good documentation is now pivotal to every remote teams’ success.

We write a lot more than we did while working in person. Everyone should work on being an effective and clear communicator.

  1. How was your experience in searching for a new job given everything that’s going on?

I feel lucky beyond comprehension that searching for a new job wasn’t much of a struggle for me. I professionally coach aspiring and junior Product Managers on interview skills so that felt natural for me throughout the process, and I’m so incredibly lucky that my profession is still largely operating and being hired for. My heart goes out to everyone impacted economically by all that’s going on and I want to help out as much as possible.

  1. How was onboarding while being remote?

Onboarding at Facebook was as good as I could imagine it to be given that everyone is remote. Our new hire team did a great job putting together internal tools and virtual sessions to get everyone up to speed!

  1. What was your favorite team building activity you’ve ever done?

My favorite team building activity I’ve done was an escape room with my first team at Lyft. They were based in Seattle so flying out there to visit them was a treat too! Excited to try out events like these with Offsyte!

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