10 Office Collaboration Stats You Should Know

When you collaborate in the office, you can increase productivity, reduce stress, and decrease employee turnover. Check out these 10 stats that show the power of collaboration.

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By the Offsyte Team, March 4, 2022

Does your staff collaborate as much as you think in your office? Collaboration and teamwork are vital skills in every workplace. Research shows staff that work well together are more productive, less stressed, and have higher workplace happiness.

Take a look at these 10 statistics that show the power of collaboration in the office:

1) Employees spend 80% of their time collaborating on projects.

Source: Microsoft

Employees don’t work individually anymore; they collaborate in the office the majority of the time. Research also shows that people are on twice as many teams as they once were. Bottom line: Employees are expected to work together.

2) When managers are looking to promote from within, 86% of them say one of the top skills they’re looking for is teamwork.

Source: Queens University of Charlotte

Anyone looking to climb the corporate ladder must be able to work with different people who have varying opinions and approaches. Teamwork skills are one of three key qualities that managers look for to fill supervisory roles. What are those other promotion-worthy qualities? The ability to prioritize work, a positive attitude, and… you guessed it… teamwork.

3) Highly engaged business units achieve a 10% increase in customer ratings and a 20% increase in sales.

Source: Gallup

Okay, so what’s an engaged staff member? It’s someone who believes in your product, enjoys their job, and works well with their team. An engaged staff means customers are happier and revenue grows faster; both are goals every CEO wants to improve. So how do you drive engagement? Be transparent, be kind, and connect with your team.

4) 37% of people say the reason they stay at a job is because “they work with a great team.”

Source: Visix

When employees work together and collaborate it creates the kind of work environment that retains employees. Due to COVID, many workplaces are dealing with record turnover, so it’s more important than ever to create a collaborative work culture that encourages employees to not only stay, but do their best for the company.

To help, consider hosting a stress busting class in the office or a collaborative event aimed at drawing your team together.

5) Highly collaborative workplaces achieve 24% less turnover.

Source: Gallup

Here’s yet another statistics that draws a connection between collaboration and turnover. When teams are connected and engaged, they aren’t thinking about finding another job.

6) 99.1% of people say they’d prefer to work in a truthful workplace, but less than 50% say their current workplace is truthful.

Source: Fierce

Almost 100% of employees want to work in an office where truth and transparency are a priority, but many companies are falling short. The goal to collaborate in the office must come from the top down. Senior executives must set the tone, build confidence, and encourage everyone - at every level - to work together.

7) Highly engaged teams see a 21% increase in productivity.

Source: Gallup

When employees are engaged and working together, they make the company more productive. In a competitive world, that’s not a statistic that executives can overlook.

8) Collaborative employees persisted on difficult tasks 64% longer than their solitary peers, while reporting higher engagement, lower fatigue, and higher success rates.

Source: Forbes

When you work with a team, you don’t want to let anyone down. As a result, employees tend to problem-solve and stick with a task to get it right. The result isn’t just a better presentation, product, or process, the result is fuel for efficiency and employee satisfaction.

9) Only 35% of managers are engaged in their work; 14% are actively disengaged.

Source: Gallup

Despite a push for more collaboration in the workplace, research shows managers aren’t engaged in day-to-day activities. If managers aren’t setting an example, it’s hard for others to follow suit. Offices that feel disconnected can consider a team building event, like Listening and Leadership, to strengthen relationships and enhance collaboration on every level.

10) 83% of employees depend on technology to collaborate.

Source: Alfresco

To collaborate in the office, you need more than a conference room and scheduled brainstorming sessions, you need tech. From Google Drive to share files to project management software like, technology aides collaboration.

Use team building events to improve collaboration in your office. Offsyte offers a variety of hassle-free events, like How to Thrive in Change or Team Trivia, that can help your team connect.

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