4 Remote Interview Tips To Ace Your Next Job Interview

Q&A with Victoria Williams, Lead Recruiter at Finix, on virtual ramen noodles and important remote interviews tips.

4 Remote Interview Tips To Ace Your Next Job Interview

By the Offsyte Team, October 30, 2020

This week we sat down with Victoria, lead recruiter at Finix, to hear how her remote team is staying connected and bonded over a virtual ramen making class. Victoria also shared 4 simple tips for remote interviews.

Q: Can you introduce yourself?

A: I’m Victoria, I am a total talent geek and am focused on filling Finix with the most talented people out there!

Q: Can you tell us about Finix & the culture there?

A: At Finix, feedback is a gift. We check our egos at the door. We are coachable, growth-minded, and constantly in pursuit of self-improvement. We understand that what got us here isn’t what will get us to the next stage. We push each other to be better each and every day.

We also believe integrity is non-negotiable. It takes years to build a reputation, but just minutes to ruin it. As a trusted partner to our customers, we live by a strong moral code and share a common sense of decency. We understand we’ll win by building the best products, and not shady business practices. We don’t stand for corporate politics. We say what we mean and mean what we say, but we always do it in a respectful manner.

Q: What do you love about working in recruiting?

A: I love getting to work alongside some of the passionate people I have ever met. Scaling companies with top talent and helping people find their dream jobs is my absolute favorite thing to do!

Q: How are you all keeping connected with each other while sheltering at home?

A: We’re organizing many team building activities, from making ramen as a team to company-wide dance parties and cook-offs! The ramen class was really fun - we absolutely loved learning a new skill from a pro while getting to bond as a team!

Q: As a lead recruiter at Finix, how did the pandemic impact your work?

A: Now everything is virtual! It’s nice getting to meet new people via video but there is nothing like being in the office.

Q: Could you share some remote interview tips with potential candidates?

A: Sure!

  1. Make sure you have a strong internet connection and a quiet location
  2. Set your background up so it’s tidy or put on a virtual background
  3. Find your light and a good camera angle
  4. Always have water near by, especially with the smoke from the fires, it’s always nice to have some on standby

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