Team Trivia: The Many Benefits Behind This Team Building Event

Team trivia is a collaborative event with many benefits. From improved communication to elevated collaboration, team trivia has more advantages than you might suspect.

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By the Offsyte Team, April 5, 2022

Hosting a team trivia night at the office might seem like a simple game, but its benefits are much more than that. Team trivia helps employees step out of corporate roles and work together in a comfortable setting. While employees “play,” they’re actually building a variety of soft skills that can elevate your business.

You don’t have to organize the team trivia event yourself either. You can work with Offsyte to coordinate a hassle-free virtual event, like Team Trivia Mashup or Team Trivia: Get to Know Your Team.

By doing so, you encourage:


By nature, team trivia requires small teams of people to work together. You can set up teams to foster collaboration between coworkers who often work together, or let employees pick their own teams to encourage teamwork as a whole.


Everyone can take part in trivia. There are no physical feats to perform or skill-based challenges, people simply answer questions.

It’s also a great way for supervisors or managers to engage with their teams. It removes the office hierarchy and lets everyone work together as an equal.


Every business can benefit from a little friendly competition. Again, you can arrange teams so this competitiveness trickles into the office too.

Let’s say you have a friendly office competition going to see which sales team can get the highest number of new clients in a quarter. For team trivia night, arrange the teams to match this competition. By doing so, you help fuel their friendly competition in the office.

A sense of community

Team trivia can create a sense of community in your workplace. It’s a step toward building a strong company culture; the kind that retains employees. When employees are happy, they want to come to work. They want to do a good job.

When corporate culture is lacking, or worse yet, negative, employees tend to leave. Forty-three percent of employees left a job when corporate culture went sour.

Regular team building events can contribute to positive company culture.


Communication is another soft skill that’s wildly important inside a corporate office. Classes like Building Trust and Transparency can help, but trivia can too.

When Jancie from sales and Larry from billing do trivia together, they reduce communication barriers. Now that they know each other better, Larry won’t hesitate to chat with Janice when a client argues over a particular charge.

Team trivia gives your employees a chance to work with people they see in the office, but don’t often communicate with. You can close those communication gaps with a rousing game of trivia.

Team trivia has many little-known benefits. It’s a clever way to help your employees improve soft skills while boosting office morale. Are you ready to host a virtual team trivia event in your office? Reach out to Offsyte to schedule team trivia for your employees.

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