The Best Virtual Wellness Activities for Remote Workers

A look at virtual wellness activities that will boost your team's mental, emotional and physical health.

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By the Offsyte Team, December 12, 2022

Wellness is an important part of any workplace culture. You want your team to feel mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy. Obviously, the pandemic made things harder for everyone. That means there's never been a better time than now to focus on employee wellbeing.

A virtual wellness activity is only as good as your employee's response. You want these activities to engage your team and leave them feeling better than they did before they took the class. Let's take a look at some ideas that will foster well-being in your remote workers.

Remote Employee Wellness Ideas


Meditation helps calm and center you. It promotes mindfulness and helps reduce stress. Meditation is a great wellness activity for remote workers.

If you practice mediation and feel comfortable with it, go ahead and lead your team yourself. If you'd rather have an expert take your team through the activity, try this Aloha Meditation package.

When your team takes the Aloha Meditation class, they'll learn the benefits of meditation, the science behind why meditation is helpful, how they can incorporate meditation into their own lives, and much more.

Self-Care Workshop

Learn the ins and outs of self-care through a class taught by a social psychologist. During this one-to-two-hour workshop, your team will learn their personal self-care blueprint, activities that help blend self-care into their day-to-day lives, triggers that can limit their self-care, and why internal self-care is just as vital as external self-care.


Your team can take a virtual yoga class as a way to bolster wellness. And have no fear, you don't have to be flexible to enjoy the benefits. Offsyte has a yoga class that will help you and your team relax. The classes are 45 minutes each, with 10 minutes of breath work and stretching and roughly 35 minutes of yoga movements. During each session, remote workers will learn basic yogic techniques that will help them feel more balanced and at peace.

Pet Showcase

Another way to promote wellness in remote workers is to have everyone show off their pets. From cats to dogs to iguanas, pets have a way of putting a smile on even the most jaded person. Ask your team members who have pets to put the furry (or scaly) friends on Zoom for all to see.

Goal Sharing

Promote remote worker wellness by having everyone share their goals. These can be professional or personal goals. An open dialogue is a great way to increase wellness among employees. Encourage your team to share goals in the future or goals they've already accomplished. This should be done at regular intervals so that everyone can track the goals of the group.

More to Know About Virtual Wellness Activities

Why are virtual wellness programs important?

Virtual wellness activities promote healthy thinking and behaviors in employees. These are shown on Zoom or any other video conferencing platform.

What are some good virtual employee wellness ideas?

The best virtual wellness ideas are calming and introspective. A sign of a good class is that afterward, your team feels emotionally, mentally, and physically restored.

Why should you offer virtual wellness programs for remote workers?

You should offer virtual wellness programs to your team because wellness is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Not only that but the happier and healthier your team is, the more they will achieve at work.

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