7 Office Halloween Ideas That Are Easy to Do in the Office

Need some help with office Halloween ideas? Check out these great ideas.

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By the Offsyte Team, September 15, 2022

It’s that time of year. Time to buy pumpkin spice lattes, break out the spooky decorations, and get out a few hoodies. Halloween is just around the corner. How will your office celebrate?

Whether your fang-tastic team is back at the office or working remotely, here’s a list of office Halloween ideas to ring in the holiday.

  1. Host a Halloween potluck or tasting party
  2. Make DIY pumpkin spice drinks
  3. Play Halloween-themed games & trivia
  4. Trick or treat in the office
  5. Make a monstrous masterpiece
  6. Invite a magician to the office
  7. Watch a spooky movie

Host a Halloween potluck or tasting party

Ask everyone to bring in a Halloween-themed dish. From spider cookies to mummified hot dogs, there are so many treat choices to share. Need some ideas? The Pioneer Woman has a list of 20 Spooky Halloween Food Ideas, and of course, Pinterest is full of Halloween inspiration too.

If you’d rather do a little less planning, consider hosting a virtual foodie event like Pumpkin Spice Fall Baking or a holiday-themed cheese tasting. Simply book an event through Offsyte and employees will each receive a pre-packaged kit with all of the ingredients they need. Then, you’ll simply join a virtual host via Zoom to get the party started.

Make DIY Pumpkin Spice Drinks

Pumpkin spice is all the rage this time of year. You can find a recipe online and host a mini DIY workshop at the office or schedule Pumpkin Spice Latte DIY Workshop. Join two coffee aficionados, Lorenzo and Julian, as they walk your team through making a tasty seasonal drink. Employees will each have a kit to work with, complete with all the ingredients they need.

Play Halloween-themed games & trivia

How many pounds of candy corn are produced each year? 35 million pounds. Borrow a list of Halloween trivia, like this one from Parade, and create a lunch-time trivia contest. You can break everyone up into teams and ask the questions or you can stick trivia questions to a shoebox and ask employees to drop their answer into each box. The employees with the correct answers get a prize.

If you’re looking for a little less setup, consider scheduling a virtual trivia or game night. Halloween Team Trivia Mashup or TV Game Show-down are great options.

Trick or treat in the office

Turn the holiday into a family-fun event. Ask families to dress up and go cubicle to cubicle for trick-or-treating. You could incorporate a costume contest too with a few different categories, like Cutest Princess or Scariest Toddler.

Make a monstrous masterpiece

Get crafty with Ceramic Painting and Live Air Plants, where your team can paint a skull-shaped planter and add a festive plant. Mess-Free Jack O’Lantern Party is a good choice too, where the group decorates an orange paper lantern.

Invite a magician to the office

Tis the season for Trick or Treat, right? So, how about a few tricks? Magic tricks, that is.

For a unique Halloween party idea, why not bring a professional magician to your office to entertain your team? If your company is in the San Francisco Bay area, consider inviting David out for Experience the Magic…at Work to liven up your next meeting or kick start a company happy hour.

For a unique twist on a magic show, try Murder Mystery Comedy Magic Show, an interactive show that will keep your employees engaged.

Watch a spooky movie

Change the break room into a movie theater or project a movie on an outdoor screen. Here’s a list of spooky movies to consider.

With these office Halloween ideas, your team can celebrate Halloween in style. Let us know if we can help.

Discover even more Halloween team events and Fall activities.

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