Top 5 Remote Employee Engagement Activities

As more companies offer virtual positions or hybrid schedules, employee engagement becomes a priority. Take a look at the top five remote employee engagement activities.

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By the Offsyte Team, May 12, 2022

By 2025, an estimated 36.2 million people will work remotely. As more companies offer virtual positions or hybrid schedules, employee engagement becomes a priority.

To help your team work together and build a sense of community, planning remote employee engagement activities is ideal.

How do you engage employees who work remotely?

There are few shared experiences in remote offices. The absence of watercooler talk, a shared break room, or happy hour, means leaders have to purposefully engage employees. To do so, you could:

  • Send a care package with company swag
  • Buy employees lunch through a food delivery service
  • Create virtual clubs like a book club
  • Set up employee challenges like a walking challenge
  • Host a virtual happy hour

Of course, planning, prepping, and executing these activities isn’t always easy. Fortunately, Offsyte has a host of easy-to-set-up team building activities that you can choose from.

What are the top remote employee engagement activities?

  1. Filipino Smash Burger
  2. Pizza Making with a Pizzaiolo
  3. Stressbusters in the Workplace
  4. Murder at River Crossing Book Club
  5. DIY Hanging Air Plant Pot

Filipino Smash Burger

Set a virtual lunch date to make a Filipino Smash Burger. The dish combines the iconic American burger with the Filipino lumpia, a type of spring roll.

Remote employees each receive ingredient kits ahead of time and join the virtual activity via Zoom on a set day and time.

The class has a 5 star rating and great reviews too.

DIY Hanging Air Plant Pot

Let virtual employees create through a fun craft class, DIY Hanging Air Plant Pot.

Before the event, employees receive a planting kit complete with a bell pot, string, paint, and an air plant. The class leader, Julie, will walk everyone through the earthy craft via Zoom and provide fun plant facts along the way.

Stressbusters in the Workplace

Some of the best remote employee engagement activities focus on employees’ well being. Stressbusters in the Workplace teaches your team to unwind through touch-based self-care.

The techniques provide a long-term skill that employees can use at work and at home.

Murder at River Crossing Book Club

Why not try an activity that’s a little out of the ordinary? Murder at River Crossing Book Club asks remote employees to solve a murder in the fictitious town of River Crossing. Employees play the role of a journalist, digging for clues about the crime. All you need is a pen and paper to take notes and connect the clues.

Pizza Making with a Pizzaiolo

Make an authentic Italian pizza with your team. Led by a “pizzaiolo,” the title of a pizza maker in Italy, employees will shape, make, and bake their own Neapolitan pizza in Pizza Making with a Pizzaiolo.

Before the class takes place, each employee will receive his or her own kit containing ingredients, a pizza paddle, and an apron.

Remote teams are more common than ever.

With the right tools, employees scattered around the globe can work together to the benefit of one company. While productivity is important, so is engagement. Engaged employees work harder and stay longer, which is why focusing on engagement is so important.

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