Top 5 Virtual Chocolate Tasting Experiences For Companies

During a virtual chocolate tasting event, your team can try the finest chocolate, learn how to taste different samples, and even make their own delicious treats.

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By the Offsyte Team, June 10, 2022

It’s time to take your team building events up a notch. It’s time to try a remote chocolate tasting event. Your team can try the finest chocolate, learn how to taste different samples, and even make their own delicious treats. Intrigued? Here’s what you should know about chocolate tastings:

What is a virtual chocolate tasting?

As the name suggests, a virtual chocolate tasting is a remote event where participants try a variety of different chocolates. Many tastings also include history of chocolate making, steps to taste test the treat, and guidance on making your own chocolate, either during the event or at home.

Why is a remote chocolate tasting event ideal for corporate team building?

A chocolate tasting is a fun, low-pressure way for employees and managers to get together and share an experience. As you walk through the tasting, employees are:


The classes are interactive, which means everyone is alert and participating.


Employees talk about the taste of each treat, compare their favorites, and practice valued communication skills without any “work talk” or looming deadlines.

Enjoying themselves

What better way to boost employee morale than by offering a fun event where everyone actually has fun in the office?

Is DIY tasting the way to go?

You can create your own event by purchasing high-end chocolates online, but who’s going to lead it? The event lead should know about chocolate, how it’s made, what makes each piece taste different, and what ingredients it pairs with. Most offices don’t have a chocolate connoisseur of that caliber, so it’s often easier to set up a virtual event with an expert host and pre-shipped kits with everything needed for an interactive tasting.

Top 5 chocolate tasting experiences you can set up for your team

Wondering what a chocolate tasting event looks like? Here are five of the top tasting classes on Offsyte:

Virtual Chocolate Candy Making Class

With a near-perfect five-star rating and more than 350 reviews, the Virtual Chocolate Candy Making Class is a crowd favorite. Chef Mike teaches the class to temper chocolate and make an array of decadent treats including chocolate peanut butter cups, caramel pecan turtles, and dipped strawberries.

Gourmet Chocolate Bar Making Class

Guided by a world-class chef, your team will make their own high-quality chocolate bars with the finest ingredients in this Gourmet Chocolate Bar Making Class. Everything you need is shipped to the office or to remote employees for a no-fuss virtual event that results in the creation of three bars: one milk chocolate, one dark chocolate, and one white chocolate.

Virtual Chocolate Tasting

Led by an expert chocolate sommelier, your team is treated to a one-of-a-kind experience in this Virtual Chocolate Tasting. Participants learn about the origins of chocolate and how to expertly taste each treat. Each person is sent their own kit of four chocolate bars, two roasted cocoa beans, and a tasting guide to follow along with the guided event.

Luxury Chocolate Tasting Experience

With elegant kits of chocolate delivered ahead of the event, the Luxury Chocolate Tasting Experience is a free-spirited class that gets everyone involved. Your team won’t just sample amazing chocolate, they’ll also partake in chocolate trivia, learn fun facts, and take home some great recipes.

Virtual Wine & Chocolate Tasting

In this one-hour guided Virtual Wine & Chocolate Tasting Experience, attendees receive a small-format tasting set of wine (4-5 wines, 2 oz each) plus 6 brigadeiro chocolates, as well as a tasting sheet and tasting mat. There will be time for Q&A throughout the class.

Which one of these events is best for your company? Let us help you narrow them down. Contact us today.

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