Three Valentine’s Day Ideas To Delight Your Team

Not sure what to plan for the holiday? Let us help you out. There’s no better way to show your team some love than with an Offsyte.

By the Offsyte Team, January 28, 2022

Isn’t this a little early for Valentine’s day team building tips?

Um…yes, but as good leaders we’re always trying to plan ahead, right? Well, we put together a few ideas for some ways to connect with your team this Valentine’s day.

Give the best gift of all… chocolate!

No, chocolate isn’t just for your significant other. Bringing some cookies or chocolate or other sweet treats into the office (or delivering to those working from home) can brighten someone’s month! Oh, and don’t worry, we found a yummy chocolate box on Amazon for you.
Want to do something even MORE special for your team? Well, Offsyte has you covered with a chocolate tasting and chocolate art class! Yes, it will get booked quickly, so add your name to the list here!

Help your team prepare for their Valentine’s Day

Everyone is busy, and between meetings, some of us miss getting something special for our significant others. Want to do your team a huge favor and increase morale? Give everyone a mandatory hour off to prepare for the big day.

Of course, you could always check out our hour-long picture-perfect painting Offsyte, where your entire team can be even more sure that they’ll delight their significant other!

Do good for Valentine’s day

February is Black History Month, and honestly, there’s nothing better you can do for your team than to encourage them to support Black-Owned businesses and products. Local chambers of commerce will have information on Black-Owned businesses in your area: here’s an example.

We also have a good number of Black-Owned Offsyte businesses. If you’re interested in other Black History Month Offsytes, we can find all the collections here.

We hope this helps your team kickstart February and connect with each other. Don’t forget to take that extra time to do something special for your team this year.

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