4 Virtual Cocktail Classes to Check Out

Interested in scheduling virtual mixology classes with kits? The events are led by expert mix masters and include a pre-shipped drink-making kit that contains all of the necessary ingredients.

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By the Offsyte Team, September 8, 2022

Virtual cocktail classes make it easy for employees to socialize, have some fun, and work on their team building skills. With virtual classes, in-person staff can create DIY drinks from the comfort of the conference room while remote employees can mix cocktails using their home laptop.

Read on to learn how to mix, shake, stir, and pour lovely libations while simultaneously boosting your team’s morale–whether you’re working together onsite or remotely.

What are the benefits of a virtual cocktail class?

You’ll learn from the best bartenders in the business with the convenience of online classes that lets you log on anywhere to join in the team-building fun.

The classes are interactive, so you can ask questions as you try out each new concoction with your colleagues. The virtual aspect also takes the pressure off, so no one will know if you make a mistake–and if you do, your teammates have your back.

How does a remote cocktail class work?

As easily accessible as they are convenient, participants meet up online via Zoom. Many class options include a pre-packaged kit delivered right to your doorstep (home or office) ahead of time too, so everyone has all the tools and ingredients they need.

4 top virtual cocktail classes to try

Take your pick from these four classes that likely pair perfectly with your corporate team-building goals.

Social Distanced Mixology Class + Delivery

Take part in a team-building experience like no other as you go on a customized cocktail (or mocktail) course adventure, complete with a friendly, highly-skilled mixologist doling out directions.

Your group (anywhere from 6-1000 people) is guided step-by-step through whipping up a batch of hand-selected seasonal sips during the Social Distanced Mixology Class + Delivery, with everything you need included in your handy, pre-packaged kit.

Cupcakes & Cocktails

What sweeter pair could there be besides Cupcakes & Cocktails? Learn to decorate show-stopping cupcakes and mix up two totally tasty craft cocktails during this delicious tutorial.

All of the supplies you’ll need–including fresh, unfrosted cupcakes, frosting, fondant, and everything you need to doll up your baked beauties, is sent to you before the class, as well as two mixology kits perfectly prepped for mixing.

When you’re done, savor the sugary scrumptiousness of your cupcake-and-cocktail duo.

Virtual Craft Cocktail Class

In this online offering, your group will learn the basics of bartending and get a crash course in the history of spirits. In addition to adding these fascinating facts to your repertoire, when you join in the Virtual Craft Cocktail Class, you’ll also learn to craft three sensational, savory cocktails that can all be concocted from everyday kitchen supplies–no delivery necessary.

Sip, learn, and laugh with your crew from a top-rated, skilled instructor, whether you’ve got a group of four or 300.

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

As the old saying opines, anytime is a good time for Happy Hour. When you log on to It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere, you can bet you’re in for some fun-filled, healthy competition–with a twist.

After learning how to make a classic cocktail from a top-notch mixologist, you’ll have the chance to compete as a team in drink-themed challenges–think Family Feud-esque and pub-style team trivia. Score the most points and sip your homemade spirit as you relish your victory and quality time spent with friends.

This is just a sampling of the many courses available to your office team–find one that suits your group’s needs and get ready for fun in a convenient, collaborative environment with your colleagues.

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