4 Virtual Comedy Shows For Your Team

The importance of a strong, community-minded team can’t be understated. Planning team-building events, like virtual comedy shows, is an easy way to encourage teams to connect.

4 Virtual Comedy Shows For Your Team

By the Offsyte Team, October 21, 2022

Planning team-building events, like a virtual comedy show, is an easy way to encourage teams to connect. However, you might be wondering how to set up a comedy show for the office.

Offsyte has several virtual events, including comedy shows, that you can schedule online.

Browse through your options, read the descriptions and reviews, and book the show you’re interested in. You can pick an available date and time, and when it’s showtime, you’ll simply click a Zoom link to get started.

Your team can gather in the conference room or join from their home laptops. In other words, comedy shows are an engaging tool for any kind of office environment, whether everyone is back in the office or working remotely.

How long are virtual comedy shows?

Show lengths vary, but you can expect to book a show that’s somewhere between 40 minutes to an hour and a half.

4 virtual comedy shows to consider

Take a look at these comedy shows that are fit for any industry:

A Professional Comedian Walks Into a Zoom

During A Professional Comedian Walks Into a Zoom, your team is guaranteed to laugh. This event is highly interactive. Expect the team to participate in fun trivia, put on an improvised version of Shark Tank, and tell quirky, made-up stories.

You can pick between a 30-minute show or an hour, with prices starting at $22 a person.  

Cartoon and Improv Comedy

Cartoon and Improv Comedy combines cartoon drawing with fun sketches. Employees start by drawing Mickey Mouse and use those creative drawings to start telling funny stories. Led by an artist and a comedian, the host will discuss your company, products, and goals, and tailor their content to meet your needs.

Plan for 30 minutes of sketching and 30 minutes of comedy, with prices starting at $100 per person.

Competitive Comedy Mashup

Your team is split into teams to compete in comedic events in Competitive Comedy Mashup. Employees will do a Shark Tank pitch, try to save the world with only a stick of butter, and take part in an epic game of rock, paper, scissors.

You can pick a 30-minute show or an hour-long show. Prices start at $22 per person.

Murder Mystery Comedy Magic Show

You get a little bit of everything in Murder Mystery Comedy Magic Show. When an entertainer comes up missing, it’s up to your team to solve his murder. With humorous clues and laugh-out-loud jokes, this team-building event pairs comedy with teamwork and communication skills.

The show is 45 minutes long and costs $600 for teams of up to 30 people.

Whether you book a virtual comedy show or a different kind of team-building activity, Offsyte can help. Explore our blog for articles meant to build and strengthen relationships in your office.

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