Top 6 Virtual Team Building Events for Upper Management

To create a more cohesive culture that leads by example, focus on team building for upper management. Want to know how? Check out this list of team-building events aimed at upper management.

Top 6 Virtual Team Building Events for Upper Management

By the Offsyte Team, March 17, 2022

Does your management team work well together? To create a more cohesive culture that leads by example, focus on team building for upper management.

If you can strengthen the relationships between managers, it can trickle down to employees.

A recent survey asked employees what skills their manager lacked. Thirty percent of employees said their manager lacked team-building skills and another 17% said their managers struggled to provide feedback, according to The Predictive Index.  

This research shows a demand for more collaborative workplaces - and it all starts with managers.

To help, here’s a look at six virtual events offered by Offsyte that can fall under the ‘team building for upper management’ category:

1) Trust and Transparency: How Building Trust and Using EQ Helps Build Better Relationships and Teams

Have you gauged the emotional intelligence, or EQ, of your managers? Managers who are aware of the emotional element in the office tend to have better conversations with their employees, empathize with tough situations, and build trust within the team.

This virtual presentation includes a presentation, Q&A sessions, and learning tasks.

2) Listening and Leadership: How to Use Listening Skills and Laser Focus to Become a Better Employee and Leader

Communication is a two-way street. Oftentimes, managers take a one-sided approach to a conversation, becoming more of a broadcaster than a communicator. To create a collaborative environment, managers must listen, which is the focus of this event.

It’s a new class that doesn’t just focus on team building for managers, it’s also a learning tool that can help supervisors interact with their employees.

3) Succulent Planting Workshop + Delivery

Give managers a break from the stresses of the office and let them get their hands dirty. Each participant receives his or her own planting kit complete with a planter, three plants, potting soil, decorative rocks, and a paper planting tray.

The kits are shipped to the office head of the virtual workshop, where managers will learn how to pot and grow these ornamental plants during an online presentation.

4) Cyber Sleuths: A Virtual Codebreaking Adventure

When it comes to team building for upper management, why not break out of the norm? Consider trying a puzzling adventure, where managers work in small teams to solve mysteries. During this virtual experience, each team will solve four or five puzzles. The team with the fastest overall score wins.

With some great reviews, this unique event can improve collaboration within your management team.

5) Side-by-Side Coffee Tasting With World Brewers Cup Champion

Sixty-two percent of Americans drink coffee. Why not capitalize on this popular drink and host an in-house coffee tasting event? With coffee sent to the office ahead of the presentation, each manager can taste different brews at the direction of James McCarthy, an avid coffee drinker, educator, and brewing champion.

The team will taste five cups of coffee and rate them on a scorecard. Which blend will your team like the most?

6) Virtual Graffiti Workshop + Art Kit Delivery

In a fully immersive presentation, managers create their own graffiti name and signature tag during this virtual event. Using indoor-safe spray paint, your executive team can explore their creative side while learning about this colorful art form. Graffiti kits contain everything you need, from the canvas to the paint.

These six events are a great way to bring managers together. Team building for upper management should be on your priority list. With a strong, connected team leading the charge, you can create a more collaborative, healthy work environment for everyone.

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