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Our mission is to help teams form and build strong connections.

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Offsyte is a one-stop shop for discovering and booking team events. We help bring teams together through virtual and in-person experiences.

Founders Emma and Jonathan
Our story

Founders Emma Guo and Jonathan Como began their story in 2018 as colleagues on the engineering team at Lyft. During their time at Lyft, they were tasked with planning numerous offsite events. While they both enjoyed spending time with their teams, they didn’t quite enjoy the planning process as it could take days to find and book an event.

Emma and Jonathan decided to build a marketplace for team-building events, a destination that would make the planning and booking process painless, fast, and easy. Emma and Jonathan leaned on their passion for building and designing products to create Offsyte, a solution that’s critical in building team culture.

Offsyte officially launched in July 2020 and has since worked with companies of all different sizes to bring thousands of team members together.

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Our Core Values
Live our mission
Team culture is at our core, and it has to start with our own approach to everything, from product to processes to people.
Bias for action
Challenge the status quo, be curious, and be passionate. Every team member should feel empowered to make our company better.
Strive for excellence
Obsess over defining the right outcomes, be data-driven, and prioritize time and effort effectively. Never lose sight of our goals.
Act with empathy
Communicate thoughtfully, think empathetically, and create an open environment to help each other grow.

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