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Customer FAQ 💭

Need help figuing out the basics? Navigate our FAQ below for answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Your dashboard and the confirmation email will both contain a private link to join the event. You should share this link with all your guests in your calendar invite.

We automatically generate a secure private Zoom link for you. You can access it directly from your private event link.

Most of our events are platform-agnostic, but some hosts are trained in only Zoom, or require Zoom-specific features. You can check out the “How to join” section on each listing to know for sure.

Yes, the only way to reserve a timeslot is to submit a booking request. Your card will be authorized, but not charged, until it gets accepted by the host.

No problem! We recommend booking with a small estimate and providing an updated head count at least a week prior to the event. If your event includes guest registration, it’s even easier: we will automatically update your final group size based on how many people registered.

Yes! We have many events that include kits delivery. These are great for cooking & mixology classes, arts & crafts, and games that require props.

Yes! We have many events that can ship internationally. For events that only ship within the US, our hosts can usually provide a shopping list for international guests.

You don’t need to - we make this really easy. When you book an event that has delivery, you’ll receive a customized RSVP link. Simply share this link with your group to allow each guest to input their own information.

Yes, if you want to use the guest registration feature for your event, simply let us know. Registration is by default only turned on for events with kits delivery.

Of course! We have many events that work well for small groups.

Yes! All our events have live hosts, and are fully vetted to be inclusive and engaging.

All of our events are privately held just for you and your group.

You can easily & securely pay with a credit card directly on the website. If your company requires you to use a purchase order or invoice, that’s no problem, just email us at, and we will walk you through the process.